Dear praying mantis

by You Have My Word


Dear praying mantis, do you hear God? No wait, don’t answer. I don’t know if I can handle hearing you say “yes” when I can’t remember the last time I heard His voice.


Dear praying mantis, do you stoop that low so you hear the rumble of heaven beneath your feet? Maybe I would heal if I could hear.


Dear praying mantis, what are you clasping between your palms? Are you clutching sacred prayer? Are you touching something I can’t even see is there?


Dear praying mantis, do you stutter – caught in a chant of words drawing meaning from mantra? Do you think my desperate words lose their meaning if I say them too many times? Teach me how to talk.


Dear praying mantis, are you ever afraid? They say it seems to be only by accident that a male ever escapes alive from the embraces of his partner. I cannot fan fast enough to flee fear; my life feels stuck like your wings snagged mid-flight.


Dear praying mantis, we’d make a good pair – you are not beautiful either. Your Maker delights in you – fearfully, wonderfully. Does He delight in me too?


Dear praying mantis, why so silent? I am loud, abrasive, jarring. Do you know God in the quiet? I can’t stand the solitary. I am loud, abrasive, jarring.


Dear praying mantis, once you capture your prey you always eat the head first. Have you no heart? My head knows more than my heart. If you ever capture me, leave my head – eat my heart first.


Dear praying mantis, do you dream? I want only the Divine but can’t seem to escape my own vision. What do you see?


Dear praying mantis, where do you go when you die?