Oscar, Grace & Justice | by Mark Paul

by You Have My Word

An incredible friend of mine, Mark Paul, someone I really look up to as a great leader, wrote this post concerning the Oscar Pistorius case that’s soaked South African media – I was deeply challenged upon reading it. Take the time. Where does grace fit into it all?


I don’t know if Jacob Zuma raped that woman. I don’t know if Jub Jub was really drag racing before his car accident. I don’t know if Julius Malema is guilty of steal tax payers money. And I don’t know if the events that lead to Reeva Steenkamps death on Thursday 14th of Feb were pre-meditated or not.

What I know, is that it’s actually not for me to make a call on any of the above cases, or any other account of sin that we may or may not hear about – Oscar Pistorius’ case included.

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