I will not see you if I do not know your face

by You Have My Word

airportAirports have a way of ensuring I’m emotionally charged – if you stick out your tongue you’d most likely be able to taste the tug-of-war between euphoric hellos and bitter farewells.

I made sure I was there, waiting for her at the international terminal; she’d been gone for nearly three months.

As I wedged my way into a spot along the wall of anxious bodies, there was a brief moment where I felt out-of-my-depth beside myself: What if I don’t recognise her?

This wasn’t a joke; I was dead serious in my questioning. What if I’d forgotten what she looked like? What if she was lost looking for me as I would be for her?

“She could be anywhere,” I thought. So I watched for the stalk of her frame behind the advertising-plastered glass walls.

I managed to calm myself, and I did recognise her when she walked through the doors. My mild “freak-out” though did bring a bigger consideration to mind:

I wonder if God feels the same way – questioning whether we’ll recognise Him or not. (Allow me some poetic license here; I’m aware that God is all-knowing but roll with it.)

I think we miss Him so often in the day-to-day living because we’ve forgotten what His face looks like. We don’t recognise Him because we haven’t spent time getting to know Him.

God is ever with us but do we see this, do we recognise it? What are you doing to make sure you know the face of God when you see it?