You could | In which I thank you

by You Have My Word

Poetry performance

“Dude, I wish I could do this for a living.”

“You could.”


I cannot explain the blessing of having someone else believe in my dreams. It is even more overwhelming when more than one person has faith in me.

I am a writer. Partly by profession, partly by passion. Mostly by passion.

I am a poet. That’s all passion. At this point though, poetry does not pay. This is where the dream sits…

Every time I perform, every time I put my pen to page, I can see myself doing it for a living – full time – profession and passion.

I get discouraged sometimes because it seems so far away, so far-fetched (especially in the South African arts scene), but there are those who blow wind into the sails of my wishes when I run out of air.

So to each of you, thank you:

Neddie, for helping me believe that I am good enough, that the dream is possible.

Gray, for loving me in the words, for loving my words.

Mom & Dad, for cheerleading (figuratively… and sometimes a little literally) from afar, for reminding me to press into the Ultimate Creator.

Tan, for sharing in the mess behind the prose, for listening.

Kurt, for pushing me to be better, try harder, write better, for being there.

Legs, for showing me that anything is possible, for appreciating ee cummings with me.

Je-nae, for rapping me over the knuckles when needed, for demonstrating humility and ambition.

Minx, for getting excited with me, for exploring the art in a unique way – limitless.

Judith, for being objective in planning how to spread the word (s).

Riaan Visser, for giving me – us – a shot, for believing in the potential poetry has.

To each poet I’ve shared the stage with, thank you for your inspiration. To each person who has seen me perform, to each person I have had the privilege of watching perform, thank you. To each person who has ever snapped or clapped for me, thank you. To each person who has given criticism, thank you. To each person who has used any positive adjective to describe one of my pieces, thank you.

I am grateful that I am not alone in my pursuit. You are there. Thank you.

[Exit stage.]