God teaches in the gardening

by You Have My Word

I am extremely chuffed with myself. This last weekend I fixed up my own garden. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to because up till now I’ve lived with others who had the garden sorted but this garden is mine. Three of us moved into a house mid-February and it feels really grown up because I have a garden.

This garden was clearly not looked after by the previous owners so there is much that needed to be done. Flowerbeds to turn, edges to trim, branches to saw, grass to mow, plants to cut, and everything needed a lot of water. So I did it. All of it. Hours and sweat and cuts and bruises and dirt (lots of dirt) and water and in the midst of it all, God speaks.

He speaks about faithfulness. He speaks about looking after what has been entrusted to me. He speaks about turning soil in my heart in places I’ve let it get hard. He speaks about pushing through the pain of stiffness because life is going to have hard, painful moments but I have to carry on.

He speaks about drinking in His living water when life turns up the heat. He speaks about working towards an end goal and not taking my eye off the prize. He speaks about thorns and how I should remember the crown that was on Jesus’ head. He speaks about the importance of being alone with Him.

He reminds me that surely if he cares for the earth, He cares for me. He reminds me that He created all things and He created me. He reminds me that He knows each blade of grass and He knows me. He reminds me that just like I work the garden, He works in me.

It rained last night and I was grateful that I’d worked the garden; it looked fresh and neat and beautiful and I was grateful that I had a garden.