A secret I’m not yet ready to tell

by You Have My Word

So there’s something I need to tell you but I’m not quite ready to tell you. I’m probably going to tell you anyway just so I can get it off my chest, but it’s really something you shouldn’t know quite yet because I haven’t quite come to grips with it myself.

I’m writing a book.

There, I said it. Maybe you knew. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you suspected it. Maybe you wished it. Maybe you wished I hadn’t. Maybe you’re a unicorn. Who knows. What I know is that I’m writing a book. Allow me to unpack some of what I’m feeling about this:

book writing, emotions

I will need your support in this. I will not always share my book words here because they are still being stitched and I can’t have broken threads before the tapestry is strung, but perhaps I will share parts.

I will need your patience in this. If I am silent here, know that I am still writing. Elsewhere.

I will need your belief in this. A book is a great undertaking (in my mind anyway) and if it hadn’t been for people alongside me up till this point I doubt I would have even come this far. Nag me if you feel I’m compromising my words. Ask me how it’s going. Kick my butt every now and again. Occasionally tell me I can do it.

I have no idea where this journey is going to take me but I’ve buckled up and I’m going to stick it for the ride. I am grateful you have been with me thus far. I hope you will stay.