by You Have My Word

Summer is more than a season. Summer is more than that beautiful girl’s name who you never had the courage to ask out that time you spoke in your high school hallway. Who knows where she is these days… Though you may find her again…

Look for her in the sun. Wait for the scorching days when you have to run across tar and drive with all your windows down and stop for ice-cream on your way home. Go to the beach and lie almost indecent tempting the rays to kiss your skin. Find her in the heat even as you stand beneath an umbrella-branched tree. Do not worry when the sun is about to set, shrinking back, for she will come again tomorrow in all her beauty – she will be there in the sunrise like slowly opening auburn eyes taking in the world a fraction at a time.

If she is not in the sun then seek her in the stars. Drape them over you as you lie beneath them letting each one awaken a new dream, letting each one strike a new nerve. Count them like you would count every one of her heartbeats as you press your cheek against her chest. Study them like you’d study every muscle movement of her smile. Do not lose her in the black blanket but wait and watch patiently for the parts of her that she’ll let fall. Catch them – they are gifts.

If you still have not found her in the heat of the sun, or the silence of the stars, then perhaps you will recognise her in the strength of a storm – not a passing rumble but in the crack of a whip across the African planes. Chase her in the thrash of lightning as she threatens the ground. Sniff her out in fires that shroud hills when her electric fury has left a trail. She will be burnt red and bruised purple and tombstone grey all at the same time harbouring rain like a ship. If you are lucky, you may see the glory of her splendour in a shower sowing life back into the land.

She is generous but be careful never to take more than you are due for as quickly as she pours she will shut up and dry out and there will be drought and death and that’s not at all what Summer is about. You may lose her forever then if you do not pay attention, if you neglect her, if you abuse the kindness of her ways.

Do not lose heart if you lose her in the sun and the stars and the storms and the rain. She is in laughter over dinner, she is in the breeze that skips through your front door. She is fresh fruit and picnics, she is in the waves, she is soft music around a fire, she is in hopscotch and child’s play. She is a wedding in the park and babies in gentle grandparents’ hands. She is in the chant of a cheerleading squad on the field just outside the hallway where you nearly asked her out on a date.

Summer is all around. She is yours to have and yours to take. She is all of ours. She is all around.