by You Have My Word

I do not believe in myself. I constantly question my competence. I argue with God about my calling. I set high standards when it comes to my commitment. But I do carry on.

Every now and again I am blown away by the assurance of all of the above when other people are obedient in encouraging me. I am blown away by others believing in me.

I received this email today:

“I believe in you.

I believe God has gifted you in ways that you have yet to discover; that the way you use your gifts at the moment is a stepping stone to what He’s really called you to. There are implications to that – most of which you already know. Commitment to His calling; faithful in the small; audience of one. Those kinds of things.

There are a few ways I can support you – and I intend to do that when I can, how I can, because getting to be a part of your journey is an enormous privilege. Sometime’s I will interfere. This is one of those times…”

In a week of feeling the most worthless I have in a while, God graciously tells me I am enough – that I am enough in Him. That He is more than enough for me.

I believe Him.