A letter from the depressed to our loved ones.

by You Have My Word

If you’ve ever encountered depression in any sense – whether it’s running under your own skin, or if you’ve seen it in others – take the time to read this. Raw. Eye-opening. Hopeful.


Dear loved ones,

Please, do not give me your Christian stories of how ‘He has overcome, and the joy of Him is my strength, or how He is my comforter in the valley of the shadow of death’…not yet anyway. Do not give me your Christian words of encouragement for that is not what I need, not now anyway. Do not give me Bible verses of how ‘He has been through what I’m going through.’ Do not give me lyrics of songs that say “All our heartache, all our pain, God our healer, He has overcome.” Do not give me your prayers asking that I’d have strength and joy and faith and hope. Do not give me your pity by telling me that you are here for me because when I find an ounce of trust inside of me to call you up… you do not answer. Your phone rings…

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