Community and the Pharmacy on Wheels

by You Have My Word

Empty couch

Community is sometimes as simple as this: Sleeping on the couch so a friend can sleep in your bed. Sometimes community is buying a R5.30 newspaper from the man you see every morning at the robot because you see he struggles to make it through a day and you know how that feels.

Community is really a fancy word for a group of people living in the same place or having a certain characteristic in common; a group of people living together and having common ownership. Community is people considered collectively by attitude or interest.

Community exists everywhere. Friendships. House mates. Universities. Shelters. Churches. Homes. Colleagues. Towns and cities. Social circles. Schools. Street corners.

I live with two wonderful friends – literally full of wonders – and I’m blessed to be surrounded by an incredible cord of people who do life with me. This morning, I was wiping a sticky Vicks Acta Plus cough syrup bottle when it struck me – this thing of walking with people, of looking out for each other. I didn’t buy the cough syrup, it was given to me.

…given to me. I spent last week dissolving Vitamin C effervescents at the breakfast table for others. The week before a house mate delivered Med Lemon and throat lozenges to my bedside. I made sure my boyfriend had multivitamins to drink this week. And so it goes on. One looks out for the next, looks out for the next….

Look around: there are people there. If you see none, look again. Reach out, draw them in.