I have a voice: Sacrilege

by You Have My Word

I have a voice. Sometimes it is loud, sometimes it’s so still it stands no chance of shaking any sound waves, but it is always there. My voice is my own. I speak for myself; I speak for you. I speak for those who haven’t learned yet that theirs counts, and for those who have had the words stolen from them.

This spoken word poem I wrote and performed addresses the issue of rape in South Africa. These tragedies are not stories we are unfamiliar with; most of us know someone who has been directly impacted by the brutality of this act. “Sacrilege”  is the most intricately challenging piece I have ever written; the myriad of emotion experienced is not something I can fully put into words.

I have a voice. I will not be quiet. Take a moment to watch this, let it sink in, share it, help speak on behalf of those who can’t.