It’s not just a journal

by You Have My Word

My-Utmost-for-His-Highest copy

God can take things that seem small or insignificant and turn them into testimonies of His goodness and grace. Ultimately, we live for His glory so why shouldn’t each moment reflect our praise to honour Him. This may come across as holier-than-thou but I am by no means in any position to impose that on you, so give me a few more minutes of your time to explain where this comes from.

For the sake of being intentionally vague, the last few months have not been sunshine and roses. There has been burning, and there have been thorns. Nevertheless, here I am, and learning to walk forward in a new way. I’ve been praying for a devotional book to use to help me study God’s word more consistently, more thoroughly and more intricately. I didn’t ask anyone for recommendations because I felt a bit silly. (Surely it’s only twelve-year-old’s and super young Christians that use those things? Apparently not.)

I tweeted the other day: “Grateful for friends that have become part of my testimony.” I am so aware of God putting strategic people in our lives, in my life. This last week proved that again. I met up for delicious frozen yogurt with a friend on Friday (followed by coffee to wash down the sweetness) and we spent a good sum of time laughing and catching up and talking nonsense before we bulldozed into the God-business.

I imagine that what she wanted to tell me was supposed to be a passing comment, or a side-note kind of statement but it blew me away. She said something along these lines: “That reminds me of this thing I read in my devotional this morning that made me think of you, and I was like, ‘I should just buy you one’ but the thing that it said was….” I stopped her half way through her story and explained the past week I’d had of being frustrated by my popcorn Bible-reading approach and how I’d really been desiring such a tool. Bam!

Testimony. It’s become my “God Story of the Week.” (Can you have those?) I’m challenged to find moments like that and share them. God cares for me. God cares for you. It’s not always in the planet-shifting-big events, but sometimes in the new-blade-of-grass-small things that God chooses to work most powerfully.