To all those who deem today not worth living

by You Have My Word

Death is not an option

To all those who deem today not worth living, and to all those who can’t picture tomorrow, and to all those who want to retreat into yesterday because it was easier than right now… wait. To all those who have tunnel vision in this minute because hope has not yet fractured the dark, and to all those who stoop so low – bent over from sorrow, twisted bitter spines boring into the ground – throw your shoulders back. Just because you’re breathing, doesn’t mean you are under attack.

To all those who battle to inhale, keep fighting. Kick, scratch, claw, bite; make every effort to care about the smallest fraction of life, and to all those who see dying as an easy way out… death is not an option. So, when you see someone lonely killing themselves laughing, simply stop and whisper, “It’s ok.”

To all those who feel ugly and worthless, consider the possibility that the more undeserving you feel, the more beautiful love is. To all those who see no possibility, you don’t need eyes to dream – even the blind touch make-believe. To all those who have forgotten the stars behind their teeth, smiling may be the only way you find peace.

To all those who have discovered themselves as an island, know that belonging is as much about choosing as it is about being chosen. To all those who long for someone to take their hand, unwrap the scissors from between your fingers. Don’t cut people out, draw them in with paper or pen or eulogy or hymn.

To all those who no longer sing, your voice may be all you have. Say what you mean… without being mean. Say, “I love you.” Greet the day and kiss the moon goodnight with a lullaby at midnight. Say “please,” say “thank you,” say “yes” to living today.


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