Cape Town, Day 2: on pick-up lines and walking at 45 degrees

by You Have My Word

He can’t have been more than 15 with hair that imitated the waves (long enough to qualify as a coastal kid) and Fizzpop red lips.

young surfer boy

“Heeey… can I by any chance have your BBM pin?” (fumbling with his phone)

“Sorry, I don’t have a Blackberry.” (look him dead in the eye. I don’t. I’m serious.)

“Maybe your Watsapp number then?” (um… bold much?)

“Unfortunately not.”

“Argh! Come on.” (turning on his heel genuinely annoyed)
He had walked up to me confidently and waited for me to look up after writing this list, Things that washed in from the ocean:
  • a full packet of chips,
  • a feather,

to which I will now add:

  • young body-boarder who should have at least attempted a pick up line. I mean, what am I? A telephone directory?

Nevertheless, his approach did wonders for my self esteem.

My Day 2 mission was: BEACH. Any kind (like there’s more than one kind of beach), and to swim in every one I get to. I had to use the bus again, and I managed to get from place to place without asking too many directions – here are some cool things I saw on the way:

The Old Castle Brewery

Train tracks

Lagoon Beach was first, and fabulous (minus the teenager) and FREEZING. Wowza. I have never said, “I can’t feel my legs,” so many times in such a short space of time. I then walked over to Milnerton Beach to re-induce frostbite in the water and then sat for a while enjoying my book and the sun. (A side note to parents: it is ok to let your kids swim in the ocean when they squeal to the water shouting, “Mommy, mommy! The water is relaxed!”)


IMG_0958I then missioned over to Blouberg Beach (no, not by foot) for the last cold coma (I did wonder why no one else but the kite surfers were in the water). Two very contrasting hang-out spots on my way to and from the beach – Stones (where no one will be partying anytime soon) and Pakalolo (I know! I cracked up at the name for ages too):

Stones PakaloloOnce I got over laughing at the name, I went inside. Sunshine coming in, a cold one in hand, Nelson Mandela’s memorial on the TV and jazz tunes through the stereo. Um, yes! They had some legit decor in there – definitely a place I would visit again.

The day ended with a calm walk home past some legit street art,  I went out with my cousin later to a mind-blowing cell group meeting, (Wowza. Life-changing.) and a red velvet cupcake. Mmm.

IMG_0992 IMG_0998 IMG_1011I didn’t catch the sunset on Day 2, so here is one from the day before:

IMG_0902PS. Cape Town is super windy. I was stupid to even attempt wearing a hat when I had to walk with my body at 45 degree most of the day. I see now why Woodstock is sometimes referred to as Wind Sock. Sigh.