Depression: The Zombie Apocalypse

by You Have My Word

I think zombie movies are ridiculous. Fight me if you will, but I’m sticking to my story. That’s not to say that they aren’t entertaining by any means, but they are ridiculous: a bunch of corpses chasing live people, and there’s usually some ridiculous twist where a human falls in love with one of them or something. See? Ridiculous.

Recently though, a revelation dawned on me (like the dead). Depression is much like a Zombie Apocalypse. (For the brain dead among us, “apocalypse” is a fancy word for a great disaster – a sudden and very bad event that causes much fear, loss and destruction. Simply put, zombies take over the world and kill everything.)

Just like the zombie disease, little by little, depression spreads and begins to infect every part of your life from the biggest thing to the seemingly insignificant things. The frenzy feeds itself – anything that still resembles some form of life is eventually sabotaged. Once everything is dead though, it all seems insignificant.

Flip that concept on its head and give me a little bit of space to say that I understand zombies. It’s true. There’s a great debate around why they “function” like they do (and by function I mean eating humans), but I have my own theory.

Zombies eat living things because it’s the only way to feel alive. Aside from needing to survive and procreate (Google it), they need to experience life. Obviously they aren’t satisfied for very long, because based on every zombie movie ever made they just keep eating and eating. The feeling of numbness and being dead inside (and outside) is so perpetually overwhelming that the consumption of something living is inevitable.


I realise that depression doesn’t require the eating of humans, but in a metaphoric sense it requires consumption of something to feed itself. Parts of your life that still have life are devoured. It demonstrates itself in different ways for different people, but the cycle is always the same.

Anything to feel alive. It’s ridiculous, like zombie movies.

Fortunately, there is an antidote that works against zombie bites if administered quickly and efficiently enough, and fortunately the same applies for depression. I’m not saying there is a quick fix, or that there is any fail-proof fix at all, but…

I have seen dead flesh come alive again.

Don’t give up.