When God launches your book 5 days early? #Wow #HeHoldsTime

by You Have My Word

This book promises to change your life, and mine… and together change the world.

Dalene Reyburn

At the beginning of Dragons and Dirt I say how this book, it’s my worship. My act of obedience. My gift to God.

And I prayed from the outset that he would unwrap the gift as and when and how he chooses. I’ve trusted that, by handing him the gift, he would manage for me – hold the tension ofthe strange discomfort of building my platform and resting in his sovereignty.

I’ve asked him to re-gift as he sees fit. To make ways to get it into the hands of the readers he chooses. The One who holds time and the universe and all the glory doesn’t need me or my stakes in this small corner of the internet. (I mean, he once used twelve guys without Twitter to rewrite history?)

So here’s the thing. I had my agenda, and God had his. Guess who won?

He got…

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