My ocean heart OR Wind and rage| A song

by You Have My Word

These are, ultimately, the lyrics to a song I wrote a while back. They’re still being refined and are more powerful with music, but the meaning is there nevertheless. 

water seas dark waves macro blurred background 1920x1280 wallpaper_www.wallmay.net_17

[V1] My heart is a wave, it sways back and forth

It breaks every minute from dusk until dawn

It threatens the tides, it follows the wind

It loses itself then comes back again

[Pre] Don’t trust the shore now, the answer’s within

Don’t harbour the dark, this too will pass

Stay strong

[Ch] Rage, rage, rage

Unsettle the floor

Wage, wage, wage

Break and wage war

Rage, rage, rage

Take what you want

The harder you break, the deeper you go

The safer you are

[V2] The hurt souls will come, asking for help

Looking for healing between the swells

They’ll anchor their wounds, expecting to swim

Only to find that, the weight always wins