60 things you didn’t know were ok

by You Have My Word


It’s ok to get a little bit weary. It’s ok to lay the world and your shoulders to rest. It’s ok not to have all the answers – or even all the questions. It’s ok not to know exactly where you’re going. It’s ok to drag your feet a while you’re on your way to where you’re going. It’s ok not to want to move your feet at all. It’s ok to feel like you’re failing – like you’re choosing the easy way out. It’s ok to choose the easy way out, sometimes.

It’s ok to question what you’re worth. It’s ok not to feel worth anything at all – be open to others finding worth in you. It’s ok to be alone. It’s ok to be lonely, which is totally different kind of despair. It’s ok to need people. It’s ok not to need anyone at all, but don’t make a habit of pushing people away. It’s ok if you question actions – give intentions the benefit of the doubt.

It’s ok to spend a day in bed. It’s ok to spend two days in bed. It’s ok to want to stay in bed forever – but don’t. It’s ok to wear sunglasses inside sometimes – let your eyes adjust slowly to the light. It’s ok that your heart takes a little longer to adjust after being in darkness for so long. It’s ok to cry in the shower. It’s ok to cry anywhere – invest in cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries and aloe vera.

It’s ok if your jeans don’t fit perfectly. It’s ok to wear last season’s jeans. It’s ok to wear pyjamas… in the middle of the day. It’s ok to feel like sleeping to escape it all… sometimes – there is so much you’ll miss if you’re never awake. It’s ok to dream and be terrified. It’s ok to just be terrified – try dreaming.

It’s ok if you’re late for work because you overslept – just once though, you’re better than that. It’s ok to not wash dishes for a week because you only have enough motivation to clean yourself – it’s one or the other, you or the dishes. It’s ok to take medication – the right kind, the right amount – help is not weakness. It’s ok not to be strong all the time – you’ll find your roar again.

It’s ok to be happy around people who aren’t. It’s ok not to be happy too. It’s ok to disturb your neighbours at 2am… because you’re laughing so loudly. It’s ok to shout just as loudly – not at 2am. It’s ok to hate 2am because you like yourself least at that time. It’s ok not to like yourself from 2am till 2pm, but use the other 12 hours to love yourself. It’s ok to love others boldly. It’s ok if you find it hard to love yourself the same way – try.

It’s ok that you’re still sitting reading this when you know you could be doing a hundred other things. It’s ok to admit you can only do one things at a time. It’s ok to put off that one thing… for a short period of time. It’s ok to mess up – forgive yourself. It’s ok to feel hurt. It’s ok to want to hurt others for hurting you – don’t. It’s ok to help others even if they don’t want you to, but need you to. It’s ok to let others need you.

It’s ok to admit defeat. It’s ok to eat chocolate and drink wine to make yourself feel better. It’s ok if you need a psychologist to get better. It’s ok when nothing makes you feel better – your time will come. It’s ok to take your time getting better – everyone heals in their own way. It’s ok to get a little bit weary. It’s ok to lay the world and shoulders to rest. It’s ok not to have all the answers. It’s ok to only know it’s ok.

It is ok. You are ok. Everything is ok.