A poem for an undoing

by You Have My Word

I am Autumn.

The crack of leaves without bitterness that often comes after breaking.

The shedding of what was and the waiting for what might.

I know it might not.

But I wait nevertheless.

I am fluttering gold and red but unnoticed and stepped on.



I bring warning of cold, but offer no warmth.

I promise change; I bait with nostalgia and follow with neglect.

An almost-cold forgotten encounter –

someone you once knew, someone you once kissed.

This is an undoing –



The Fall

of parts that once bore life.


New season like new skin.


I will not be here long. I will be here before you want.

A longing for eternal summer.

I bring relief – hellish reprieve from a heat you could never endure.

I smell of dust and root – forgotten underneath and ignored above.

You cannot keep me out.

I am here now, at your door, in your bed.

A shudder of urgency –

find safety, find strength.

I will come again but fear not.

I am the gentlest of these – a slow turn of leaf and green to brown.


Root yourself.

Winds will come and you must stand firm.

I am no shelter.

I too shake before the winter.