For the times I didn’t say sorry enough

by You Have My Word


Sorry is a flock of foul feathers sitting beneath my tongue. Sorry mom. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry I’m not strong. Sorry it’s been so long and I can’t bring myself to come home. Sorry I’m not ever coming home.

Sorry. Sorry. I hope if I say sorry enough I might just fly away from… everything. Flight not fight. I fight only with swords of sorry. So sorry. Sorry is a less painful stab than sitting with the truth. Sorry the knife is deep. Sorry we don’t speak.

Sorry for the times I didn’t say sorry enough and the times I should have said sorry but… Should’ve. Would’ve. Could’ve. Didn’t. Sorry. Silly. Shame. Sorry. Sorry means not doing it again. Sorry I did it again. Sorry for the pain. Sorry.

Sorry I didn’t tell him to stop. Sorry I didn’t scream. Sorry there was a wolf in your bed. Sorry the wolf lives in your head. Sorry I can’t stop saying sorry. Sorry I can’t stop. Sorry I can’t. Sorry I. Sorry. I’m sorry.