I am at home when I am drowning

by You Have My Word


I am in love with a storm – dark and surly – masquerading as a gentle breeze. It is said that you can’t touch the wind, you can only let it move you. So spread your fingers and let it take you away; it will shift the ground beneath you, it will shake the dust. It will send pieces of you to places you’ve never been.

Let it blow. Bow to its sway.

Do not fear losing yourself. The rain will come in torrents of tears and sadness, looking for light between the clouds. I have learned not to fight the waters as if by struggling I only spur on the turbulence. My body is mostly water; I am one with the flood.

I am at home when I am drowning.

The sound will shatter you. No one will be there to hear the crumbling but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. Be wary of this; there aren’t many who can take the same blow twice. Roll with the punches of thunder. Accept that the wind will be knocked from your lungs; you will be knocked off your feet.

Bandage your bruised ribs. Bind your breasts – chest – and absorb the rumble of rage but do not crack. Do not flash. Do not thrash at the ground which carried you this far.

This storm has me completely surrounded and I am swept up in her chaos. I am no afraid despite the wreckage that will collect in its wake. I am my own storm – my own whip of wind and power – so bow to my sway. Bend with these battering gusts or be broken. Do not simply wait for me to pass through.

Come with me and I will move with you too.