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Queer moon, we are guided by your tides


The moon is definitely gay. Nothing can sparkle that much and be straight. I mean, if you want to get technical with me, here you go: the moon is a circle so technically it can’t be straight. Anyway.

The moon is definitely queer. Totally in love with the sun and her rays but screws around with the stars in the dark. They don’t mind that he’s a little naughty – that she’s a little naughty – that they’re a little naughty.

The moon would definitely call itself fluid, spreading itself across the day and night sky. Non-binary bright. Lesbian lunar. Bisexual bright. It’s no wonder we’re so affected by the tides. The moon is definitely gay. Nothing can sparkle that much and be straight.

Nothing can sparkle that much despite thousands upon thousand trying to put it out. Nothing can sparkle that much without having been set on fire. Nothing can sparkle that much against the shadows that try and cut it down to size.

Too many shadows have taken too many of your shapes, squashing your fabulous, your fierce, your fight. You, forced to be half-moon – half you – semi-circle so sickle the length of years in your arms. You will outlive centuries of being trapped here.

When they stare at you and point from afar, don’t you dare blink. Don’t you dare look away. Don’t shuffle your feet, gay goddess. Don’t dim your man in the moon face. Look on. Light up. Love. Sparkle. They can learn a thing from you.


No fear, no faith

fear and faith

I’m nervous when jumping on theological band wagons, most of the time. I think a lot of people have been hurt when ideas and opinions have been misconstrued because there isn’t enough knowledge and understanding to correctly communicate a concept.

In saying that, I approached the challenge with a healthy amount of conviction and caution.

“If perfect love drives out fear, that is then to say that where there is love there is no faith? Not possible.

I read too in “In the shadow of grace,” something like this: ‘there can only be doubt if there is God’ – the absolute.

So perhaps there can only be fear if there is faith, not the other way round. We choose which one wins.”

What do you think? Where does fear meet faith?

500 Words on Grace

grace, 1 pet 4:10, fullness of hisI have been struck ever more by the intricately intertwined workings of grace in my day to day activities – some moments have been experiences of my mine, others I have been privy to watch closely in the lives of others. Grace is boundless in its shape and form and appearance and impact, and I believe that stories need to be told, light needs to be shed, moments need to be shared around this thing called “Grace”.

So I’m making space for grace here. Much like the MOSS series I ran earlier this year (check it here if you’re confused),  I have asked certain writers/bloggers/friends to write on grace in 500 words or less. Their pieces will roll out from 19 November until they reach their end. But that’s not the end.

Here’s what I’m asking of you: If you have a bit of grace you’d like to share in 500 words or less, this is a space for you. As community – whether close, or virtual – this is where we meet to celebrate grace. Write on grace in 500 words or less and send it to

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. (1 Pet 4:10)

Here are those that have gone before (they’ll be here as they’re published):

Never mind the Music | Guest post for Eating Neon Yogurt

Today, I get to write over at a blog with the most ridiculously awesome name: Eating Neon Yogurt. Kirsten LaBlanc writes openly and sincerely, and I’m grateful to be sharing words in her space today.


There’s a scene in the movie called The King’s Speech where Colin Firth (a Prince at the time) goes to see a speech therapist. Upon sitting down at the start of the session, he remains quiet. The therapist then says, “I believe that when speaking with a prince, one waits for the prince to choose a topic.” To which the prince responds, “Waiting for me to commence a conversation… one can wait a rather long wait.”

I feel a similar way. I was asked to tell my story on this beautiful blogging space. When writing one’s story, one can write a rather long write. I have reels and reels of memory footage to draw from; I have mental commentaries that would drive any sane person out of their tree. I don’t have many still frames in my mind because no experience is entirely static – always moving, always changing depending on our how our perspective is morphed as we walk forward. So what is my story?